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Power Plays is a CoBank Knowledge Exchange monthly audio program. We connect with top energy and environmental innovators who share their insights, experience and observations of the market.

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S4E06 From Bytes to Bucks: Data Center Financing Considerations
S4E05 The Practical AI Conversations at Electric Co-ops
S4E04 The Tennessee Valley Partners Creating a Two-Way Grid
S4E03 How NRECA’s Microgrid Consortium is Creating ‘Wired Resilience’
S4E02 Watt's Up with AI? The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future Grid
S4E01 For Electric Utilities, 2024 Means Evaluating New Supply Strategies, Nimble Financing
S3E12 How Did Energy Policy Become a Key Risk to Grid Reliability?
S3E11 What the Turning Point in Global Trade Means for Rural America
S3E10 Rural Businesses Bet Big on the Emerging Data Economy
S3E09 A Three-Part Solution to U.S. Transmission Challenges
S3E08 When Natural Disasters Strike
S3E07 A Conversation With Neil Chatterjee About U.S. Energy Regulation
S3E06 How Co-ops Can Get Ahead of Cyber Attacks and Other Threats
S3E05 The Trouble with Transformers and Other Tales of Supply Chain Woes
S3E04 The Role of Partnerships in Accelerating Rural Broadband
S3E03 How Member Voices Guided Their Electric Co-ops’ Investments
S3E02 Why Electrification Matters: Florida Co-op Linemen Change Lives in Guatemala
S3E01 Nuclear Power 2.0: Is a Renaissance on the Horizon?
S2E12 The Lithium Supply Crunch Doesn’t Have to Stall Battery Storage
S2E11 Rising Natural Gas Prices Prompt Utilities to Think Globally, Act Locally
S2E10 A Tribute to Co-ops: Leaders Weigh in on ESG Principles as Part of Their DNA
S2E09 Money Matters — Financial Feasibility for Broadband Projects
S2E08 Back to School in an Electric Bus
S2E07 Don’t Be Afraid of Your Electricity Bill
S2E06 Connected Smart Homes Coming Soon to an Electric Co-op Near You
S2E05 Connected and Committed: Meet the Partners Helping to Close the Rural Digital Divide
S2E04 Planning for Tomorrow’s EV Adoption Begins Today
S2E03 Inside Ford’s Strategy to Lead America’s Shift to Electric Vehicles
S2E02 Reimagining Route 66: Co-ops Collaborate with EV Charging to Reinvigorate Rural America
S2E01 When a Crypto Miner Comes to Town
S1E13 HVAC 2.0 – Home Comfort and Efficiency Isn’t Just Hot Air
S1E12 Battery Storage Basics – What Co-ops Should Consider
S1E11 High Five to Top Five Co-op Innovations
S1B05 MidSouth Electric Co-op – Weathering a New Kind of Storm
S1B04 Mohave Electric Co-op – The Power of Broadband Partnerships
S1B03 Kit Carson Electric – Solar and Storage to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy
S1B02 Vermont Electric Co-op – Carbon Free by 2023
S1B01 Roanoke Electric Co-op – Unlocking Value with Vehicle-to-Grid Technology
S1E10 Powered with a Purpose – Trico Electric Embraces Solar Access for Members
S1E09 Charge On: What Electric Co-ops Can Expect From Next-Gen Battery Storage
S1E08 How Clean Energy Development Can be Equitable for Rural Communities
S1E07 Co-op EVolution: A Toolkit for Rural Electric Vehicle Adoption
S1E06 Co-op EVolution: A Blueprint for Rural Electric Vehicle Adoption
S1E05 Texas and the State of Deregulation
S1E04 What Will Drive the Next Decade of Cost Declines for Solar Power?
S1E03 The Race Is On to Build the Biggest Batteries in Texas
S1E02 The Next Big Thing: Grid-Tied Batteries
S1E01 US Companies Poised to Accelerate the Renewables Boom

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