As a customer-owned financial cooperative, CoBank is governed by a board of directors drawn from the rural industries we serve. Our board consists of 14 elected directors from six voting regions around the country as well as two appointed directors and two outside, independent directors with no customer or Farm Credit affiliations.

Board of Directors

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Board Structure

CoBank’s board uses a committee system to assist in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. The board has established five standing committees: Executive, Compensation and Human Resources, Audit, Risk and Governance. The board reviews each committee charter annually.

To help ensure that the bank continues to attract a highly qualified and diverse board, CoBank’s board also has independent nominating committee charged with identifying qualified candidates for board membership and reviewing director nominations. No current board member may serve as a member on the nominating committee.

2023 Board Elections

Ballots and the 2023 CoBank Board Election Information brochure were mailed to all voting stockholders on July 14. The ballot for voting stockholders in the Mid Plains, Northwest, South and West Regions is for both the director elections and the 2024-2025 Nominating Committee election. For voting stockholders in the Central and East Regions, the ballot contains only the candidate slate for the 2024-2025 Nominating Committee because there are no director elections in these regions in 2023.

Ballots are due by September 15, 2023.

The 2023 CoBank Board Election Information – Non-Voting Stockholders brochure was also mailed to all non-voting stockholders of the bank for informational purposes only.

Board Contacts

M. Mashenka Lundberg
Election Officer

Bradley J. Maddock
Corporate Secretary